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The #1 choice for racetracks, stadiums and entertainment venues throughout the country, thse Beam Design Grandstands are unsurpassed in quality. Thousands of venue owners across the United States can attest to this! The clear span steel beam understructure provides for a variety of uses from restrooms and concession stands to storage, dressing facilities, walkways and more. This tough and versatile design is available will a variety of decking, seating and railing options to best suite your individual needs. And we will work with you to develop custom stairs and ramps to meet all of your access and site requirements.

The steel beam understructure is offered with either a galvanized finish or a powder coated finish per your requirements. Galvanize steel is the most durable, provides the highest level of metal protection available and is the 1st choice for many venue owners. Hot-dip galvanizd steel in large sections after factory fabrication ensures complete steel protection from the elements and the longevity of your investment.

The powder coated finished understructure allows you to customize your venue to match team colors or simply increase the visual appeal of your seating system. Seats, back rests and risers may also be powder coated. Select from 16 Alumax Stadium Seating Powdercoat Finishes.

Our experienced engineers and project managers will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive exactly what you want on time and on budget!

Most schools use bleacher seating to accommodate parents, opposing teams and fans during sporting events. Bleacher seating is preferable to individual chairs and other options due to tight budgets. Educators and school administrators need to think about the various problems with bleachers before working with a distributor.

Structure of Bleachers

Bleachers consist of tiered seating and steps with the fans sitting side by side on seat boards. Tiered seating occurs on more than one elevation in the same structure and includes grandstands, bleachers, telescoping and folding seating.

From small movable aluminum benches to giant grandstands that cannot be moved, bleachers have flexibility unlike any spectator seating. They are constructed with supports with a space or gap underneath. Learn more about purchase bleachers seating.

Bleacher Seating With Assigned Chair Spaces on Bleachers

Fans who get up to use restrooms and concession stands in the middle of a game may not be able to find their assigned seats upon their return. Administrators can combine stamped numbers on assigned spaces with enforcement by ushers to avoid confusion. Also, individual bleacher seating can be attached to prexisting bleachers.

Another issue with metal bleachers is the effects temperature and precipitation have on this type of seating. Parents who are watching their children play soccer, football and other outdoor sports may experience chills or get soaked while sitting in the stands. Schools cannot control rain, snow and cold breezes, but they can provide padding or stadium bleacher seats and chairs to improve the viewing experience for fans.

A poorly designed stadium will use long stretches of metal bleachers without an aisle and stairs. Ticket holders in the middle of a section need to climb over their fellow fans as they head toward concession stands. When creating new venues, stadium investors and donors should insist on smaller sections that improve traffic flow into seating bowls. Read more about bleachers installation.

School boards can work with Preferred Seating to find bleachers for their facilities. Purchase bleachers seating by calling (866) 922-0226 toll free to get quotes and learn about Preferred Bleachers product lines. From our wide range of selections, purchase bleachers theater seating from Preferred Seating.