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Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
Stadium seating at an outdoor football field
 Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
 Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
 Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
 Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating
 Arena Chairs, Stadium Seats and Portable Stadium Seating- Preferred Arena Seating

Picture this. You are going to a ball game. You know you have bleachers that you have to sit on that will not be comfortable. You wish you had brought padding for something to sit on besides your jacket. It's cold outdoors and you are freezing shortly after you arrive, sitting on a hard surface with no back support. Not a good place to be for people with back problems or other conditions. Your thinking, it may have been better for me to find this game on the television or even just read about it in the paper. To keep those people in the stands and comfortable you want to explore stadium seat options. Preferred Seating has been the #1 provider of the latest seat technology at an affordable price, keeping stadiums filled and fans happy all the way through their game.

Tuf seats are a more economical way to purchase mutiple seating. They can be installed over existing bleachers and save the expense of removing the old ones. Tuf Seats are made in the United States and provide back support with their high-backed, contoured seat backs. Comfortable seats with backs on them make stadium events a lot more comfortable when watching the event. The Tuf seats have anti-slip contours on the seat bottom as well. The seats come in a variety of colors, and they will not crack, fade, or rust over time. There is a recessed area on the back of each seat for a seat number. Tuf seats can also be a great fundraising idea. For little extra money, fans can purchase season tickets in a section of the stadium that features the Tuf seats. This provides them with a comfortable seat from which to watch the games, and it is an easy way for sports booster programs to earn extra money.

Liberty stadium seats are an excellent choice for outdoor seating. They are made in the United States and comply with American Disabilities Act standards. They can be installed onto either new or preexisting risers or bleachers. The Liberty Stadium seat is designed to be low-maintenance. The seats can be set on cast iron standards, which is the traditional way, or they can be set on heavy gauge, robotically mig-welded steel standards. Whichever standard is chosen, it is coated with a polyester powder to prohibit rust and give longer life to the seats. The seats move with ease on steel shafts and bearings that are

Liberty stadium seats are available in 22", 21", or 20" seat widths. Large quantities can be ordered in 19" width if requested. The seats are blow-molded through double-walled construction for outstanding durability, and they are designed to be resistant to fading. Front or rear cup holders can be specified when ordering. Recessed areas on the back of each seat allow for easy seat numbering. Due to the fine craftsmanship of these stadium chairs, Liberty seats are covered by a five-year warranty.

Beam seating is another option for outdoor (or indoor) mutiple seating. Individual seats made of durable plastic are placed on a system of metal beams. Beam mounted chairs are used frequently in highly populated restaurants, terminals, on playgrounds, and other places where very durable seating is needed. A special feature of the beam mounted seating is that swivel chairs can be mounted on the beams. Smart Swivel seats allow spectators to turn themselves in the direction of the action, whether speaking to a neighbor or watching an event. Smart Swivel seats have the advantage of being either fixed or removable.

Sometimes mutiple seating needs to be portable. An amphitheater or arena may need to add seats for a sell-out rock concert or political rally. A football stadium that hosts graduation ceremonies will want to have portable seats that can be set up on the field for this special event. The Moonlight portable seats are a perfect multipurpose chair for these venues. Moonlight chairs are padded folding chairs that are more comfortable than the usual metal folding chairs. They have a vinyl covering on the back and the seat for indoor or outdoor use. A couple other choices for portable seating are the Concord and Deluxe seats. The Concord has soft cushioning at the back and seat and arm rests. After use it can be folded and stored. The Deluxe removable chair is even more comfortable with more soft padding at the back, head, and seat. It has the added bonus of a retractable arm that hides a full folding table that can be used for writing or eating. Both the Concord and The Deluxe can also be used as fixed seating.

Providing quality public seating in a large venue is an immense undertaking. Choosing the right seat is not the end of the process. Finding the right professionals to design and install the seating is the next step. Preferred Seating has over twenty years of expertis, in customizing seating, and they offer the best in quality and durability.

Convert your bleachers into stadium chairs!

Make the fans comfortable on bleachers with Tuf Stadium Bleacher Seats. The advances in stadium seating plastics shown in our Tuf Stadium Chairs reflect the importance that we place on sporting events and the people who attend them. Today's large venue seating accommodates people in comfort, and virtually eliminates the need to leave early from events. Tuf Stadium Chairs resulted from our extensive research of space age plastics and investment on what styles of bleacher seats give the sport fan the best stadium experience.

Our Tuf Stadium Seat line offers a variety of options that makes retrofitting uncomfortable bleacher seating easy, affordable, and very comfortable.

Stadium bleacher seats

Stadium bleacher seating is an innovative answer to uncomfortable bleacher seating. Designed to conform to the body, they are available with or without backs. A fixed bleacher-mount seat is a stadium bleacher seat bolted to an existing bleacher. This is a cost-effective way to retrofit bleacher seats installation to stadium seating. Portable stadium bleacher seats are not bolted permanently to the bleacher but slide or strap onto it.

Fixed seats without arms can be folded down. These are available with or without backs. They can be bolted to bleachers or cement risers. Fans can purchase these types of seats with their name on donor plates as their own personal seating.

Versatile Seating

Stadium bleacher seats have features that make them functional and versatile. Chairs are installed permanently. They come with or without arms and backs and thus can fit into different budgets. They make bleachers more comfortable for the fans. Plastic construction makes them durable and low-maintenance, reducing costs over time.