Helix Theatre Seating

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  • Helix Front ViewHelix Front View

The Helix Seat

The sleek rounded back design adds a fresh visual to our robust multipurpose platform. Exceptional comfort, robust steel support system, multitude of complementary options, the Helix is the perfect choice for any venue.

The Helix chair model, is a versatile and affordable option from Seating Concepts. It’s entirely customizable, and it can also be utilized in a wide range of settings. From auditoriums, theatres, lecture halls, auditoriums, and churches or places of worship, cinema seating, the Helix is an excellent choice.

Providing the strength of a robust steel support system, exclusive cold molded back and foam cushions, and easy to maintain components, the Helix is a seating product that extends extraordinary performance event after event.

With the Helix, you’ll be able to choose between various upholstery options, finishes and accessories. The counterbalance mechanism keeps the Helix operating quietly and properly for its full life, and the chair offers superior comfort at a reasonable price. With various size options, the Helix can always fit into the space you’re working with while matching your goals or needs for capacity.


Back Height

  • 34"
  • 36"

Chair Width

  • 19 1/4"
  • 20"
  • 21"
  • 22"
  • 23"
  • 24"

Outer Back Options

  • Injection Molded, Laminate or Veneer
  • Photos below for material reference only (back shape will be that of the Helix)
helix seat Outer Back Options

Seat Style

helix seat style options

Seat Return

  • 45%
  • 90%
  • 100%
  • Gravity Return
  • Torselastik Return

Seat Bottom Finish

helix seat bottom finish


helix armrests

Aisle Panels

helix aisle panels

Center Stanchion Options

  • Retractable Armrest / Armless – 21" – 24" Widths
helix Center Stanchion Options
  • Reduced Envelope Option Available


  • Perforated Seat Cover
  • Cantilever Stanchion
  • Standard Moveable Base
helix seat accessories