Theater Seating in the Movie House

Symphony room comfortable seating
symphony LED lighted seats
savoy branded seating
red colored concert theater seats
red auditorium seats
red covered auditorium seats
comfortable blue lecture seats
black colored seating available
purple prelude for the cinema
legacy seats perfect for large arenas
Seating charts for large spacious amphitheaters

Movie theater seating is auditorium-style seating designed for comfort and functionality. Padded and upholstered seats and features such as cup holders and movable arm rests add comfort and put everything within reach. These chairs also are an important part of the look of the theater. The fabric and style determines whether the ambiance is upscale or casual.

Movie Theater Seating

Cinema seating accommodates a movie goer's needs. Arm rests have cup holders, and can even fold down to turn the chair into a loveseat. This kind of flexibility allows for people who need more room. Folding seats give the chair a thinner profile for a more efficient use of space. New designs in theatre seats even include backs with rocker mechanisms which make it possible to lounge in ultimate comfort.


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