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Your interest in our services at Preferred Seating is very much appreciated. Across the United States and Internationally we have addressed the seating needs of customers for 30 years. Our seating line features style, durability, and minimal maintenance costs. The following are some questions you should ask when acquiring new seating or upgrading existing seating.

What goes into a chair that will last years?

Theater seats will only last as long as the standards that are supporting them. The standards of choice in the past have been cast iron standards because they were the strongest. However, we now have robotically welded steel stanchions that are as strong as cast iron. When it comes to the seat backs and bottoms, commercial seating uses many grades of plastics. Overtime lesser grades may crack or fade. One good alternative is the automotive industry. If auto manufacturers choose a particular plastic, than this no break plastic should and has been used in seat manufacturing.

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How much can seats be customized to fit specific needs?

Select from many different seat colors. Determine the width of seat that is needed. Some types of seats offer the option of front or back cup holders. If upholstered chairs are preferred, select from plush velvets to modern super stain resistant fabrics. The ability to customize new theater seating can be critical in properly matching it with the architectural style of the venue.

How do long-term maintenance costs factor in?

Powder coated metal surfaces will be 'tough as nails' and require little maintenance. Plastics that contain UV inhibitors will remain fade-free outdoors for lengthy periods. Seat lifts that ride on maintenance-free performance bearings will be worth the investment. If seats are upholstered, stain resistant and spill resistant fabrics will require less frequent replacement. Some types of seats are more impervious to attempts to write on them than others. Graffiti resistant surfaces can reduce maintenance costs in certain applications.

Are budgetary concerns significant?

If so, consider the use of pre-owned seating. Savings of a third or more are often possible. Many such seats show little wear and are capable of many years of service. These seats become available as renovation occur, or as cinemas switch over to theater-style seating. Sometimes larger chains simply liquidate excess inventory. If you have an outdoor venue that includes bleachers, save the expense of the removal of old bleachers by using individual seats that have seat backs and can be attached right to the existing benches. Such seats can be economical and ergonomic at the same time. Ticket holders will appreciate contoured seats that provide proper back support.

Is there a way that our existing seating can be saved?

Yes. If your seating is older, it may appear tattered in places, but the structure of the chair may be very solid. Our craftsmen can travel to your site to strip metal and wood surfaces and refinish them. Upholstery repairs can be performed, or seats can be completely reupholstered. Wobbly armrests can be secured. Scratches and gouges can be filled.

Would portable seating address some of our needs?

Near the stage, altar, or lectern there may be open areas that could be utilized for additional seating when the right occasion calls for it. Innovations in multipurpose seating allow the temporary installation of seats that are furniture-like and offer patrons ergonomic seating similar to that offered by the permanent seats. Some theaters and arenas host events that offer an 'in the round' show on occasion. Removable theatre seating can accommodate the changing demands at the theatre, arena, auditorium, or civic center that you are responsible for.

How is seating layout and installation addressed?

At Preferred Seating, our services extend from concept to installation and beyond. We'll bring our twenty years of experience to coming up with a seating layout that is the best for your purposes. Our installers professionally complete assignments anywhere in the country. Throughout our web site you'll find seats and chairs that address these issues. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs with you. Trust that our expertise can lead you to the right seats for your project. Save money, lower maintenance costs, and get the complete services that you need from Preferred Seating. Whether you are involved in the construction of a brand new performing arts center or the restoration of a century old historic theatre, we stand ready to offer assistance.