Scholar Lecture Seating

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  • Scholar Front ViewScholar Front View

A touch of the past meets the engineering of today. The Scholar allows for use of either plastic laminate surfacing or even wood veneers to create a seating ambience that can be as contemporary or as retro as the owner needs.

The counterbalance mechanism in the seat assembly of today’s engineering helps keep the maintenance low on this outstanding model.

Luxury Seating in a Consolidated Footprint

One of the most recent trends in the seating market is providing luxury seating options to customers. Whether the business is a local cinema or a church, luxury seating options are now the leading choice for ensuring visitors enjoy a pleasant experience and are excited for a return visit to the location. However, with real estate a primary consideration, many facility owners must look to consolidate the sizing of the seating options. The Seating Concepts team offers high-level luxury at a consolidated footprint, without compromising user comfort.

Customized Seating Built to Order

Seating styles have changed considerably in the many decades Seating Concepts has been a leader in the marketplace. Our clients now expect a certain level of personalization when they order from our catalog. They require unique seating products that stand as a testament to the quality of their own brand and their vision for industry success. Seating Concepts stands out for our ability to combine customization and unique style within our seating options.

The latest accessories available through Seating Concepts include cup holders and service buttons, which connect users to the business and its staff. We can also customize a range of chair elements, including back height, chair width, and armrests, to provide a system built uniquely for the business and their discerning clientele.

A Full-Service Strategic Approach to Manufacturing Seating

No longer do venues expect to work with several different specialists when planning their seating options. They want to work with one company that has specialties in multiple areas. Seating Concepts has grown in several areas of the seating marketplace in recent years, and we’re now proud to offer a full-service solution for seating selection.

This solution begins with the planning process. At this stage, we’ll work alongside the client’s team to learn their vision and assess the amount of units required and the completion date for the project. We then move on to the design phase. Here, the client consults with their Seating Concepts design specialist to select their preferred design style for the space. They’re then able to customize their order and select the ideal number of accessories for the chair. Within this process, we create a full seating layout for the client to review.

The design phase is followed by our expert delivery and installation service. We ensure that each chair our customers select is installed precisely according to their timeframe and their design requirements. It’s a seamless service for outstanding seating integration.


Back Height

  • 35"

Chair Width

  • 19"
  • 20"
  • 21"
  • 22"
  • 23"

Outer Back Options

  • Laminate - Veneer Option Available

Seat Style

scholar seat style options

Seat Return

  • 100%
  • Gravity Return

Seat Bottom Finish

  • Finished in the same material and color as the top portion of the seat


scholar armrests

Aisle Panels

  • ADA - Armless (562)
  • ADA - Retractable Armrest (563)
scholar aisle panels

Additional Accessories

  • Standard Moveable Base
scholar accessories