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Brown Spectra seats
Detailed grey silver Concord seating

Preferred Seating offers superior quality auditorum performing arts seating and school theater seats with a broad range of seat widths, seat/back pitch, heights, finishes, color, shapes with or without upholstery as per your individual requirements.

School seating, auditorium and performing arts centers need to withstand the vigors of constant use. The rugged durability of our new, state-of-the-art no break auditorium seating ensures these theater seats will be there for the next generation to enjoy with an occasional fabric or foam replacement needed.

Preferred Seating offers high design performing arts theatre seating. Let the show begin!

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Preferred Seating specializes in performing arts theatre seating. The seat is an integral part of the theater's appearance. How to design auditorium seats without taking away from the performance is an important consideration. Options such as natural wood on the back and decorative end standards add elegance and beauty to a performing arts center setting. Our many seating styles will accommodate any architectural design from modern to any historical period.

Construction of performing arts auditorium seats

Our theatre seating is constructed with thick cushions, natural woods and elegant fabrics which add to the spectator's theater experience. Movable arm rests and cup holders are features that keep everything within reach. Our performing arts theatre seating meets the needs of the patron with amenities they will applaud.

At Preferred Seating we not only design and craft fine auditorium, performing arts and school theater seats but we can customize them to your precise needs. Theater seating can't just look good. It needs to be strong, flexible, durable, versatile, and silent. Our theater seats offer all this: we use no-break components, stain-resistant twill fabrics, and noiseless torsion springs that keep the theater experience as quiet as possible. We also have dozens of colored plastic and fabric combinations to choose from, letting you personalize your seating to match the decor of your school auditorium.