Liberty Stadium Seating

Liberty Stadium Seating

Stadium seating technology has advanced to the industry's newest precision robotic technology with no-break, lightweight, high-impact plastic seats. These durable stadium seats are constructed in the United States with the same plastic the automotive industry uses. These plush seats can withstand more than 80,000 pounds of pressure per square inch! Preferred Seating has been an industry leader for over 20 years.

The Ultimate in Stadium Seating

Stadium owners have been waiting for arena seats that resist fading, do not rust or crack, and best of all, don't feel like bare boards when you sit on them for hours. Preferred's Stadium Seating is the break-through the seating industry has been waiting for. Our innovative seats take stadium seating to the next level in style, as these seats are ergonomically designed and available in just about every conceivable color.

The Liberty stadium chair is a hit everywhere they've been installed, and can be part of a successful fundraising campaign. Neighborhood businesses, alumni groups, teachers, parents, students and other sponsors can buy seats and then raffle them off or sell them to season ticket holders. They are the most comfortable seats in the industry and give existing stadiums a much-needed makeover. In the process, they increase the value of the seats, the stadium and the games played there.

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