Symphony Theater Seating

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  • yellow top symphony chairSymphony Yellow Theater Chair
  • red symphony theater chairSymphony Red Theater Chair
  • wild rose theater chairSymphony Wild Rose Theater Chair
  • green symphony theater chairSymphony Green Theater Chair
  • symphony installationSymphony Installation
  • symphonic install 2Symphony Installation 2

  • All of our mechanisms are totally safe, silent and built for frequent and intense use.
  • The high quality plastic facilitates economic cleaning and maintenance.
  • The steel structure is solid, built with gauges capable of handling intense use.
  • The back padding is complete with integrated lumbar and head support.
  • The outer back is concave and anatomically formed with multiple ribs in order to increase back support as well as allowing for easy installation on high risers.
  • We feature an attractive love-seat style theater chair with a comfortable ergonomic design.

Our Symphony Seat comes in various back shapes and can be customized in many ways. Having this seat in your opera hall is sure to impress.

Symphony Chair 1

The Symphony #1 has been a favorite in our orchestra collection. With a flowing, scalloped wood reveal back, wood bottom seat and customizable end, this seat combines elegance and quality construction. Priced competitively, the Symphony #1 is becoming the seat of choice for historic theatres and performing arts venues.

Symphony #4 with Wild Rose Cast End

The Symphony #4 combines a vintage look with unparalleled comfort. Featuring a 2" thick foam back with scalloped wood reveal, 4" thick foam seat with wood pan and paired with DFC's exclusive Wild Rose Cast Aluminum Aisle End, this unique seat is as pleasing to sit on as it is to look at.

accessories for symphony seats

Miscellaneous Accessories

  • Power/Data Outlet
  • Aisle Lighting
  • Under Seat Book Rack
  • Plastic Worship Caddy
  • Wood Back
  • Upholstered Back
  • Wood Seat Pan
  • Upholstered Seat Pan
  • Custom Aisle Ends
  • Custom Upholstery