Theatre Chairs

Symphony room comfortable seating
symphony LED lighted seats
savoy branded seating
red colored concert theater seats
red auditorium seats
red covered auditorium seats
comfortable blue lecture seats
black colored seating available
purple prelude for the cinema
legacy seats perfect for large arenas
Seating charts for large spacious amphitheaters

When purchasing commercial theatre, movie house, or auditorium seating, there are various options and styles available to property owners or theatre chair buyers. Whether the seating is being purchased for a modern movie theatre, performing arts center, school or community auditorium, or church sanctuary, each individual seating situation requires definite specifications.

In most instances, commercial buyers who are in the market for theatre seats and auditorium seating will not be looking for expensive, luxurious seating. In most cases, they are not interested in spending extra funds to obtain large orders of seats with massage or full reclining capabilities. Many theatres and performing arts centers will have definite priorities in upholstery fabric types, designs, and quality. In addition, their buyers will probably want specific seating designs and structures as well as specific seat and seatback shapes and sizes. Their main interest will be in acquiring sturdy, comfortable, attractive seating to accommodate as many patrons at once as possible.


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