Tuf Seats Fundraising Opportunity

brigham young university Tuf seats in gymnasium

Preferred Seating's line of stadium seating is designed to retrofit onto existing bleachers or grandstands.

Our Tuf Seats essentially convert drab bleachers into colorful stadium seats. It's an investment for tight budgets with continued dividends: more comfort means more spectators, and more spectators mean more income. Imagine it: turning a field of bleachers into relaxing Tuf Seats that look and feel good.


Tuf Seats are a great idea to raise funds!

Tuf Stadium Seating

Fans are willing to pay more for the Tuf Seat upgrade, thus giving you more revenue for your sport programs. Universities and schools can sell the seats to season ticket holders to raise funds.

Retro-fitting stadiums is a snap as well. Our Tuf Stadium Seating can be mounted on bleachers and risers of existing facilities, even one with demanding specifications, such as tight back-to-back spacing.

tuf seat standard colors