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Furnishing "the best seat in the house" to performing arts centers, sports and entertainment facilities

Cinema seating is our specialty at Preferred Seating, from used movie seats to ergonomic modern seating. While used and renovated theatre seats capture the great look of historic theatres, we are most proud of our wide variety of new cinema seating. Preferred's contoured theatre seats are durable and stylish. Plus, they are available with a number of options that let you customize them to your specifications. At Preferred Seating, your satisfaction is our highest goal.

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Your preferred source for both new and pre-owned seating. Our craftsmen can also completely renew your existing seating. So, whether you're renovating a 1930s retro movie house or outfitting a brand-new multiplex, our experienced designers and consultants can make your commercial seating decisions intelligent and within the budget. We can fill you in on the latest trends in movie theater seats. We can demonstrate why some materials and mechanisms remain low-maintenance far better than others. We can help you to see beyond the initial appearance of a seat to the gauge of steel, quality of plastics, and the durability of the finish employed.

Decisions made now will affect maintenance and cleaning costs for years and years. Today's commercial seating choice will also determine whether your venue looks just as good five or ten years from now.

Cinema Seating & Movie Theater Seats

From our Floerencia and Concorde Rockers to our other lines of cinema seating, we can offer you durability, style, and value for your commercial seating project. Consider styles from classic to ultramodern depending upon the architecture of your venue. Low, medium, and high seat backs can be considered. High seat backs up to 40.5 inches can provide full shoulder and head support.

We feature theater seats that are upholstered with high-quality fabrics. For example, our Concorde Rocker is covered with a hi-grade polyolefin that is both fire-retardant and stain resistant.

Varied seat widths are available in many lines of commercial seating that we offer. Common widths, measured from the armrest centerlines, of 22-inches, 23-inches, and 24-inches are available. Some chairs come in 20-inch and 21-inch widths as well. Therefore, you have control over the balance that you wish to strike between patron comfort and seating capacity. Also, our expert designers can assist you with creative seating layouts that will ease arrivals and departures while still maximizing revenue. We're here to guide you through every step of the process.

Refurbished & Used Theatre Seating

For many cinema and theater venues, used or refurbished seating are worthy considerations. If your existing chairs are mostly sound structurally, our craftsman can restore them to "like new" condition. They can travel your venue anywhere across the country. They'll fully strip wood and metal components so that they can be repaired and re-finished. Scratches and dings will disappear, and you'll get many more years out of your theater seats.

Modern fabric, custom-selected by you, can go over these renewed seats. Take advantage of new superbly stain and spill-resistant materials. During the process, our craftsmen will also replace those old, flat cushions with high-density foam that will last and last. Your patrons will greatly appreciate the new levels of comfort, and you'll be proud of the new look of your venue. From retro cinemas to historic opera houses, many venues can benefit from the cost-effective process of seat renovation.

Used Cinema Chairs

The proliferation of change-overs to stadium seating across the U.S. leaves us with excellent selections of used movie theater seats. Some theaters have also closed rather than convert over to digital projection. As a result, savings of as much as 40 percent can accrue when used cinema chairs are utilized. Again, our skilled experts can do any refurbishing that might be needed prior to the installation of these pre-owned seats in your venue.

We look forward to serving you in any way that we can. Benefit from our two decades of experience in the commercial seating industry. Our designers, craftsmen, and consultants welcome the opportunity to contribute to the success of your project.

Grandview cinema movie seating

Grandview Theater Seating- Amenities They Will Applaud

Our theatre seating meets the needs of the patrons with amenities they will applaud. Our cinema seats are constructed with thick cushions, natural woods and elegant fabrics which add to the spectator's theatre experience. Movable arm rests and cup holders are features that keep everything within reach. Armrests flip up into loveseats for those who need more room. Up to date styles in theatre seating such as rockers and ergonomic designs allow a patron to lounge in comfort. These features are a convenience to the theatre goer who has everything within reach and are conducive to a more pleasurable performance experience. Preferred high-quality theatre seats are designed with gravity assisted spring mechanisms that retract the seat soundlessly, so as not to disturb other patrons.

Deluxe Theater Seating

Deluxe with Tablet Arm

Deluxe Theater Seating
red top covered prelude chair


Our movie theatre seats are designed to anticipate the needs of the patron. No break polypropylene makes our cinema theatre seats workhorses that will withstand the test of time. We offer cup holders attached to arm rests to keep drinks within reach. Extra wide chairs give more room to move and stretch out. Rocker mechanisms in the back of the auditorium seatsr allow for more comfort, and ergonomic design conforms to the shape of the body. Durable fabrics resist stains for easier maintenance.

savoy theater seats

Savoy Rocker

Pressional seating for cinemas are one of our specialities at Preferred Seating, from ergonomic modern designs using the most advanced building materials to used auditorium seats; we have a wide variety of outdoor seating options as well. We want to introduce you to the quality performing arts center, cinema and auditorium seating that can enhance the comfort of your indoor venue...and its business.

Lennox Theatre Seats


We provide cinema seating which is made to be durable and comfortable, utilizing the latest materials to enhance the patrons experience. Thanks to advances in foam materials, movie theatre seats can contour to a person's body, distributing weight evenly. Our high-quality cinema theatre seats are designed with mechanisms that retract the seat soundlessly, so as not to disturb other patrons. Our seating is constructed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. The standard fabrics we use will withstand much abuse and frequent cleaning. Because food and drinks are always spilled in theatres, this is an important factor.

Cinema Seats


Revolutionary and Durable Designs Built to Last

Our products offers an ultramodern designed seat for filling premier venues. Made for state-of-the-art installations, this venue seating provides comfort with a back height that gives you full shoulder support. These up to the minute seats are great for theatres, screening rooms, and conference centers where enhanced seating is a priority. Made of the remarkable new, 21st century, automotive grade, high impact, no break polypropylene, these movie seats are virtually indestructible and are built to withstand years of use.

Concert, Classic theatre seating

Classic Auditorium Seats and Concert Theater Seating

A major breakthrough in seating, we are most proud of our new movie theatre chairs. These comfortable contoured auditorium seats are not just another cinema seat. They will guarantee you a sensational movie experience. These theatre seats are comfortable, long-lasting, stain-resistant, and quiet as a mouse with everything you'd want in cinema seating. The secret is polypropylene, a super-strong durable plastic that won't break or chip and is fade-resistant. Contoured and padded for comfort, our theatre seating is an investment that will last a long time...and keep customers relaxed the whole while.

Concorde movie seats

Concorde Rocker

The comfort of well-designed theatre seats is essential to the enjoyment of productions that often last several hours. The frames are made of plastic and metal components which are put together in an ergonomic design for better movie theater seating support. They are then wrapped in thick high-density foam and covered in durable fabric. Our cinema chairs come in a wide range of seat widths, back pitch, shape, color, heights, and finishes.