Concert Theater Seating

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  • Concert Theater SeatConcert Theater Seat
  • Concert Theater SeatConcert Theater Seat

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  • Back heights: 32 1/2" and or 35"
  • Chair widths: 22-1/8" - 19-1/8"
  • Chair widths are measured from the centerlines of the armrests

Raw Material:

  • Cushions: Cold molded Polyurethane foam padding with ergonomic design.
  • Inner back: Ribbed injection-molded polypropylene plastic formed with compound curves for natural body support.
  • Outer back: Injection-molded high impact resistant, textured, linear polypropylene plastic.
  • Frame structure: Rectangular steel tube frame in various gauges to meet structural requirements and needs. Every part and every assembled piece has been stress-tested.
  • Plastic parts: Multi-ribbed high impact injection-molded polypropylene plastic.
  • Aisle standard covers: Rigid molded polyurethane with a decorative finish.
  • Metal for pedestals: 1 x 3 14 Gauge
  • Shoe Plate: Gauge 11
  • Paint: Thermoplastic Powder coating, with an electrostatic process. Oven-baked at 200ºC.
  • Fabric: 100% Marquesa Lana (polyolefin) with fire retardant. Meets requirements for California Technical Bulletin 117, Section ECS-191-53. We can also use synthetic leather by request (high quality materials)


  • Swing or Rocker mechanism: Rubber operated mechanism with no springs. The tension of the back can be adjusted. For quiet and secure use and a long lasting life.
  • Automatic self-rising seat: Using a gravity lift mechanism for quiet.


  • California TB-117
  • California TB-133 (optional)
  • ASTM F-851 (impact and static)


  • The mechanisms are totally safe and silent and are built for frequent and intense use.
  • The high quality plastic can be cleaned and maintained easily and economically.
  • The steel structure is solid, built with gauges capable of handling intense use.
  • The back pad is complete with an integrated lumbar and head support.
  • The outer back is concave and anatomic formed with multiple ribs.
  • The chair is an attractive love-seat style theatre chair with a comfortable ergonomic design.
  • Durable plastic outer back and seat pan
  • Padded and upholstered seat and back
  • Gravity lift mechanism returns seat to upright position

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