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Studio executives and actors have utilized home theater seating to watch their projects since the early days of film. The costs of projectors, big-screen televisions and home theater chairs have declined enough to help consumers enjoy their favorite movies in style. Homeowners can customize leather and fabric chairs to ensure comfort in their personal theaters.

The custom seating options available to home theater owners are nearly endless. There are three essential characteristics available to movie buffs in need of theater chairs:

  1. Rocking and Back Pitch
  2. Chair Ergonomics
  3. Movable Armrests

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Adjust Home Theater Seating for Personal Comfort

Home theater owners do not need to purchase seats that have rigid profiles and flat backs. There are rocking chairs that allow owners to lean back while watching their favorite films. Consumers can find a middle ground between rocking and fixed seats by customizing seat back angles. These angles can be mixed with body contours and extra cushioning to enhance enjoyment of long films at home.

Viewers who are beginning to nod off during movie and TV marathons benefit greatly from adjustable arm rests. Leather and fabric chairs can be outfitted with armrests that flip up to turn two seats into one couch. This simple bit of innovation allows home theater owners to accommodate large gatherings without bringing in folding chairs and benches.

Snacking Convenience in Your Home Theater Room Home theater seating has amenities to make the movie experience more enjoyable. A table tray set by a lounger can make for easy access to the refreshments. Movable arm rests and cup holders are home theater seating features that keep everything within reach. Armrests flip up turning into loveseats for those who need more room. Up to date styles in cinema chairs such as rockers and ergonomic designs allow a patron to lounge in comfort. Our home theater seating meets the needs of the patron with amenities they will applaud. These features are a convenience to the movie viewer who has everything within reach and are conducive to a more pleasurable experience. The Convenience of Home Theater Seating Home theater seating allows for a real movie theater experience in the comfort of your home. With the beginnings of silent movies, film viewers have been awestruck with the movies.More magic to the screen has been brought to your home theater through improvements in technology. Our home theater seating will embrace your in comfort while at the same time being practical. With choices such as rockers, thick cushions, ergonomic design, cupholders and high backs to ensure comfort, your movie experience will be enhanced.

Preferred Seating offers customized theater chairs for home theaters around the world. Domestic and international customers can call toll free at (866) 922-0226 to get quotes on custom seating.