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Phoenix Elite Auditorium Seats

We welcome your interest in the complete commercial seating services offered by Preferred Seating. Look to us for the design, layout, and installation of everything from theatre chairs to arena seats. We offer both new and used options.

We find that those with theater seating needs would typically like to achieve a number of goals: Downloadable Brochure


The best seats distribute weight evenly, eliminating pressure points. Ergonomic, high quality chairs will offer the hours of comfort that patrons require.

Maintenance Costs

The initial investment in new auditorium seats or theater seating is a one time expense. Repairing and maintaining those chairs is a recurring expense that can become prohibitive over time if lower quality seats are utilized. Fabric wan prematurely wear or tear. Or, upholstered seats can show staining. Scratches can mar wood and metal surfaces. The seat lift mechanism can squeak or break. Arm rests can get loose. Cushions can lose buoyancy.


Seats that will be used for perhaps decades should not get too trendy unless a 'period' look is specifically desired. Retro movie houses and vintage theaters may even be enhanced by a style specific to a certain historic time. However, auditorium seats that prematurely look outdated should be avoided.


Seating projects are also successful to the degree that the look and feel of the chairs matches the surrounding decor and the architecture of the venue. Seats appropriately customized in terms of color, fabric type, seat width, and seat back height will more successfully complement your site.

Phoenix Elite Auditorium Seats


Established manufacturers that are constructing quality commercial seating will have no problem backing their products up with strong warranties.


For almost all applications, seats must meet the requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).


Once Both the short-term and long-term costs of ownership are analyzed, one can determine the true value received. Install chairs with timeless style and super-durable construction, and your facility's seating needs will be met for a long, long time.

We at Preferred Seating welcome your inquiry about your project. None are too big or too small. Combine comfort, style, durability and value with theatre chairs and auditorium seats that we confidently recommend.